The 15 Discipleship Essentials

 The 15 Discipleship Essentials

The following list is not meant to be an absolute rule of how a Christian should live. Rather, these are goals and aspirations that we can strive for as we continue to grow in our walk with Jesus.  People who follow Jesus should see progress in these areas over time.  But no one will ever perfectly reflect these essentials in the present life.

  1. Quiet Time: I have a daily quiet time with God, which means I connect with Him in prayer, reading His Word, and listening each day.

  2. Prayer: I pray daily for others, for myself, and for God's will in my daily activities.

  3. Witnessing: I actively build relationships with unbelievers in order to share my faith.

  4. Worship: I love God for who He is, not just for what He gives me.

  5. Fellowship: I love other Christians with sincerity, being open and honest with them, focusing on their needs, not just my own, and promoting unity and resolving conflicts within the Body.

  6. Disciplines: I practice spiritual disciplines (including solitude, silence, fasting, study, etc.) that develop habits of holiness in me.

  7. Gifts: I know my spiritual gifts and use them effectively.

  8. Priorities: I know and keep my priorities in line for faith, family, finances and fun.

  9. Authority: I submit to the authorities in my life (church, government, home, etc.) by communicating my desires and opinions humbly to them and yielding to their decisions if not contrary to God's direct will.

  10. Holiness: I am following God's pattern of holiness for my life.

  11. Bondages: I have overcome the growth-hindrances and life-controlling bondages in my life.

  12. Giving: I am giving of my time, income, and other resources to God's work.

  13. Doctrine: I am secure in my knowledge of the basic doctrines of the faith.

  14. Faith: I am learning to trust God and His goodness toward me in all situations and believe Him for mighty works.

  15. Justice: I seek to right the wrongs in the world given the resources at my disposal.


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