Spiritual Growth

Do you want to grow spiritually?  Do you feel stagnant in your faith?  Instead of enthusiastic, do you feel tired and lethargic when it comes to prayer or other spiritual practices?

Throughout Scripture, we see examples of people who connect with God and build spiritual character.  There are different practices that they engage in to help them grow spiritually.

  • In Psalm 139, King David invited God to search him out, to know him, and to expose him to any needs that he had.  Check out this Spiritual Evaluation tool, Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health.
  • Jesus modelled and taught over 18 distinct spiritual practices.  Check out this list of Spiritual Disciplines, with a short explanation of each. All of these disciplines come straight from the Bible.
  • One spiritual practice that interests many, but also brings a lot of questions, is fasting.  Click here to get more information about this powerful practice.
  • Want more info?  Check out these books to learn more about Spiritual Growth.


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