Children's Ministries

Sunday School, or Discipleship Classes, are offered for children from age 3 up through grade 12.

For the younger kids (up through 5th grade), games, crafts, and Bible stories are part of the lesson time and the focus is always on clear communication of Biblical truths in ways the children can understand and relate to, and always with the goal of teaching them to be more like Jesus. 

Nursery is available every Sunday for children up to age 3, at which time we encourage the transition to transition to Sunday School. A child's readiness will be determined by his or her parents; some parents also choose to make the transition with their child.

Our Preschool class, for children age 3 through Kindergarten, meets every Sunday in our Education Building. 

Our Elementary class, for children in grades 1-5, meets on the 2nd and 3rd Sunday of each month. All other weeks, these children stay in the sanctuary with their parents, and notebooks with sermon-related activities are provided for them. 

All of these options are available starting at the close of the music portion of our service.  Alternatively, your child is always welcome to stay with you in the sanctuary.

For the older kids (grades 6-12), the methods may be different, but the focus remains the same:to clearly communicate biblical truth in ways they can understand and relate to, with the goal of teaching them to be more like Jesus.  Classes for this age group meet after the church service twice a month, and there is also one extracurricular activity scheduled per month, usually on a Saturday.

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